Artist : DJ JIN
Title : DJ JIN x Jazzy Sport : the MIX

Label : Jazzy Sport/JSPCDK-1003
File Under : Hip Hop /Nu Soul etc Mix CD
price2,000yen(tax in)
2009.07.04 on sale
Limited Edition: Only 1,500 copies

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1*Bottom Fly "Go Away" from『Riverside Crates EP』(JSV-048)
2*Gagle "Session Untitled No.9" from『Hidden Music Value』(JSV-060)
3*Budamunky "Wednesday feat. CRAC Knuckles"’(JSV-035)
4*Count Bass D "Like A Pimp" from 『Begbollowsteel』(JSV-001)
5*Ron Trent "What Is Love"(JSV-049)
6*Sa-Ra Creative Partners "Forever" from『Sonic Seduction, Volume 2』(JSV-025)
7*Sa-Ra Creative Partners "Love Stomp" from『Cosmic Lust』(JSV-008)
8*Eric Rico "Too High"(JSV-054)
9*Super Smokey Soul "A-2" from『Assortment Of Beats Vol.1』(JSV-041)
10*Tableek "Worsee Way"(JSV-003)
11*Oddisee "Searchin'" from『Hear My Dear EP』(JSM-003)
12*Oddisee "Soul Clap Remix" from『Hear My Dear EP』(JSM-003)
13*Sa-Ra Creative Partners "We Can Do Anything" from『Cosmic Dust』(JSV-007)
14*Sa-Ra Creative Partners "My Lady" from『Sonic Seduction, Volume 1』(JSV-024)
15*grooveman Spot "Neuralgia"(JSV-044)
16*grooveman Spot aka DJ KOU-G "Something Like A... feat. Mahya-breakthrough Remix-"(Planetgroove)
17*NSM"Mumbo 2. Jumbo Num Rerinse" from『NSM Presents The Hype EP2』(JSV-027)
18*Sa-Ra Creative Partners "Intoxicated" from『Cosmic Lust』(JSV-008)
19*True Ohio Players "Can You See The Players"(JSM-004)
20*Roddy Rod "Whip" (JSV-045)
21*Waajeed "Jamaica Funk"(JSV-069)
22*Physical Sound Sport "Nigeria Game"(JSV-057)
23*Steve Spacek "Baby Baby" (JSV-017)
24*DJ Mitsu the Beats“Music Mate